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Wacker Neuson dumpers are designed to perform in the most difficult of terrains whilst setting new standards in operator and construction site safety.

Dumpers fitted with new safety equipment

Dumpers benefit from air conditioned cabs with a secondary operator protection system so the operator can stay in the cab during loading, eliminating the potential for slips, trips and falls whilst mounting and dismounting a traditional dumper, it also means the operators are more focused and aware of their tasks and surroundings whilst staying placed in the cab. Forward and reverse colour cameras on an 8 inch screen in the cab and a radar system, mean there are zero blind spots, while the cab has a high back seat with a four point harness type seat belt. Trackunit card swipe systems ensure only users with activated cards can start the dumper, in addition the system also runs any activity report required, a geo fence system to notify site managers if plant ventures into an area of restriction.

Hydrostatic drive is now available throughout the range, up to 10 tons. Machines come with the option of a fully integrated ROPS/FOPS level 2 cabs and are now available with the Wacker Neuson SIPS system.

In 2018 Wacker Neuson launched the DW100 dual view dumper, available with cab, the latest innovation in dumper safety.

Wheel Dumpers – up to 2 tons

Compact and maneuverable the four models in this category with three skip options; front, swivel and high.

1001 – All Round Dumper
1501 – Optional Swivel Tip Skip
1601 – Three Skip Options
2001 – Swivel Tip as standard

Dumpers at C&O Construction - Wacker Neuson 1501

Wheel Dumpers – 3 – 5 tons

Large volume, low-maintenance hydrostatic all-wheel drive, speeds up to 25 kph, safe mounting and alighting from control stand on either side.

3001 – The Complete Package
4001 – The Four-Wheel Pro
5001 – The Role Model

Dumpers at C&O Construction - Wacker Neuson 3001

Wheel Dumpers – 6 – 10 tons

High volume heavyweights with long maintenance intervals and low operating costs. Cab options on all models in the range.

DW50 – Agile, fast and effective
DW60 – Heavy Duty Design
DW90 – Unbeatable Off-Road
DW100 – Guaranteed high material turnover

Dumpers at C&O Construction